FAQ - Cremation

What About Cremation?


The Affordable Alternative

Today some people are choosing cremation over more traditional forms of burial and interment.  That’s because the cremation option now offers more choices than ever before, in addition to being affordable.

We specialize in cremation services, and are proud of the many choices we’ve made available to local families over the years.  With cremation, it is still possible to have a traditional funeral and graveside services, with the cremated remains interred in an urn vault or cemetery columbarium.  Other popular options for a unique, personalized alternative include retaining the remains in individual memorial container, scattering in the loved one’s favorite place.

Hall Davis & Son Funeral Service

Cremation Choices includes:

  • Traditional funeral with cremation
  • Basic funeral with an open or closed casket
  • Memorial service after cremation
  • Simple gathering of family and friends
  • Immediate cremation with identification