Baby Rachelle Jones

Date of Birth: 01/26/2018
Date of Death: 01/26/2018

Celebration of Life Services


Baby Rachelle Jones


Thomas Chapel Cemetery

Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

10:00 am

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B (02/12/2018 5:45 pm)

My condolences to the family at this sad and difficult time. May the family find comfort in the God of peace and comfort at this difficult time. 2 Corinthians 1:3 & 4

Irene (02/12/2018 11:37 am)

Please accept my deepest heartfelt condolences. I too have lost many dear ones to death; some sadly were also very, very young. In the Lord’s prayer. Jesus says at Matthew chapter 6, verse 10: ‘Let your kingdom come. Let your will take place, as in heaven, also on earth.’ I find this comforting because nowhere in the Bible is sickness or death mentioned as occurring in heaven; hence, I look forward to seeing God’s will for the earth to be carried out just as it is in heaven. Then we can be reunited with our loved, and enjoy life on earth as Almighty God Jehovah purposed from the beginning. And, Baby Rachelle will have the opportunity to enjoy life right here on earth; not for a short period of time, but forever! [Psalm 37:29] For further Scriptural encouragement visit